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Hi!  This is where I'll be putting a running journal of my big motorcycle adventure in July of 2005. 

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Days 13, July 25 – Getting Home

My last day of my 2005 Adventure found me waking up in Missoula, Montana, getting ready for the last 10-12 hours before arriving home.  I was filled with both happiness to get home, but also contentment from such a wonderful trip.  

Ate the free breakfast at the hotel.  They had one of those fancy waffle-makers that you fill with a cup full of mix, flip the waffle-iron, and then wait until it’s ready.  Pretty cool; I’ve used them before, but it is always a neat experience when you haven’t done it for some time.   

Got gas and ice, and was on the road by 7:00.  But before I could really take off, I had to get out my jacket; the temperature had dropped to 50-ish degrees, and I was actually cold for perhaps the first time the whole trip.  Stopped in St. Regis to put on the warmer gloves, too.  Pretty dramatic change from 110 degrees in the Four Corners area of Colorado!   

Passing through this part of Montana, I was again reminded of the trip with my son, Matt.  One thing that popped into my head during this stretch of road was that Matt had done a cassette tape for the trip: one side was my kind of music that he could stand; the other was his kind of music that I could stand.  We would flip the tape back and forth.  Don’t know what specifically triggered that memory, but it came to me during this stretch of road.   

Also began to think about all the cool things that I had experienced this trip.  Doing the Saddle Sore 1000 to qualify for the Iron Butt Association was just the start.  I really enjoyed staying with my friend Larry and his family.  And spending the day hanging with my good friend Gary Woods was cool, too.  I was a bit sad about my buddy Brad, but I was glad to at least have seen him.   

I’ll never forget flying along the high desert, skirting lightening storms, but enjoying the brilliant skies.  The dramatic shift in geography from Wyoming to Colorado is clear in my minds’ eye, as is Glenwood Canyon and the Colorado National Monument area.  The shift in scenery from the Telluride skiing area to the 110 degree heat of the Four Corners Area (all in one day) is etched on my brain.  Cruising through Durango and the dozens of small towns on the way to Colorado Springs, often taking time for coffee or a meal, is a beautiful memory. I’ll never forget the Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings, or the Rocky Mountain National Park, either.  Waking up in Estes Park to the gurgling of the Big Thompson river.  And having friends to celebrate passing 95,000 miles on my bike.  Great memories to cherish.   

Made it to Post Falls, Idaho, and called some friends from Spokane when I made a gas stop.  The time had changed to PST, so it was still a bit early.  The sun had come out, and off when the heavy leather jacket and gloves.  I’ve done the I-90 route to Seattle so many times that it is quite boring to me.  Quincy for gas, and lunch in Ellensburg.  Even took a coffee break at Snoqualmie.  I was home by 4:00, happy and safe.  Anne came home, we had dinner, and we’re watching the Mariners win a ball game.  All must be right in the world.   

So this is the end of my 05 Adventure.  I might make some different selections of pictures on the web site, but leave all of them up in the “Previous Notes” and “Previous Pictures” sub-pages.   

I appreciate the patience of all those who have traveled with me through these emails.  If you ever want to go for a ride, just let me know.   


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Sunset in Missoula

Welcome to Idaho


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